Next2Rise Online Song vs Song competition where the best song we pick will wins all expenses weekend tour on our Next2Rise Tour going to Atlanta this is for artists on the rise so the best song in our will get a free round trip flight, hotel stay, you get a sit-down radio interview, radio play to let Atlanta know you are on your way, you get to headline 2 events and label sit down, if you like to enter the contest there’s an entry fee of $25 you get to enter 2 of your songs so if you like to move forward text N2R TOUR to 4436214200 for more information


Cradle Records need artists text 540-883-1184 your stage name,  Instagram, youtube link, or SoundCloud link or website link for the info to join our label   

Sony Hulk Radio (1)

Looking to get your music on the radio… we are helping artists out by cutting our prices during this pandemic. We are offering a month-long radio campaign on a worldwide royalty paying radio station. As long as your song is registered with Bmi, Ascap, Sesac, or Sound Exchange you will earn revenue.  We are also taking a portion of the proceeds and helping out people who has been severely affected by this pandemic by partnering with the salvation army..  “With song approval” from our music curator we will give you 30 days of radio play (Heavy Rotation) for $25.00 Please email your song to [email protected] if approved we will email you back the payment options.

Another way to help people in this time of uncertainty is to purchase a song or item from the Smash Shop and a portion of the proceeds also goes to a charity who will help people who are affected by the coronavirus.

The Smash Shop

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1. Perform a 15 min set at the Atlanta Only Fans Party

2. There will be Only Fans Models dancing while you are performing

3. You get a video copy of your performance

4. You get VIP area with the Only Fans Models 

5. You get an interview on the Only Fans talk show

6. You get a verse on a song with Lil Bossie 

7. You get a One area music video with Only fan model for anyone of your song

8. Personal Flyer 

9. You will get song place in the TV Show “The 64” where you can win cash and prizes 

10. Photoshoot with one of the Only Fans Models

Cost $300 you will need $50 down and the remainder at the show if you like to move forward text Only Fans to 4436214200

ps… We can do your travel and hotel for an extra $300


We would love to have one of your songs on our TV Show “THE 64” where music meets basketball, the show premieres in September on Roku and Amazon, and the winning song will win 3 months of play on MTV or BET your choice. If you like to enter the contest Email [email protected]  your stage name, a picture, phone #, what city & state you are in, YouTube video or mp3 song and your Instagram we will get back to you will all the info about the show and when your song will air on TV



Bruce Banner from Sony looking for singers and rappers for his label so we holding a live audition in Atlanta on September 27th and the whole audition will be covered by 95.9 FM Radio Station 


If you like to audition artists will get:

1. Get to perform a 5 min set in front of Bruce 

2. Live Interview from 95.9 FM Radio station 

3. Artists will get a song on our Celebrity mixtape

4. Winning artists will get a single deal contract comes with production, distribution and lot more


If you like a slot cost is $150 you will need $50 down and reminder at the audition if you like move forward text BRUCE to 4436214200 to lock in a slot


Established in 2019 by J. Pruitt (Lewis), NO CHILL RADIO is a licensed webcasting radio station that offers an audio service transmitted via the internet with over 2million+ active listeners worldwide. Our media is streamed and presented to our listeners with continuous audio. The difference between our platform and pod-casting is podcasting involves downloading, and we stream.
NO CHILL RADIO offers something for everyone i.e. news, sports, discussions, celebrity interviews, and various genres of music. Every format that is available on traditional broadcasted radio stations, we offer as well on (95.9FM), but our reach extends worldwide.
Take us with you anytime, anywhere with our app. It can easily be downloaded directly to your phone for convenient access. And we can’t forget our social media presence as well.
We are growing every day and we’re excited that you’ve chosen to grow with us!!!

More info text 8037289940

Independent Labels:  Do you need a Music Video Distribution Deal?  Independent  Artists:  Do you want to Monetize your Music Video and get it into Apple, Tidal, and Vevo to name a few.  Well, Real Hulk Records is a Major Indie Label looking to help other Indie Labels and Artists in this area.  If you have been looking for these types of services but didn’t know where to go, look no further..  Just email us @ [email protected] and put in the subject line “Music Video Distribution”, If you mention Next To Rise get 10% of Pricing.  We also have Submission Services to get your Music Video to BET, MTV, Vh1 and other Major Music Networks.

Get REAL Spotify Plays

Starts in 1-12 hours

Dedicated account manager

Plays from listeners in your music genre

100% Monetize-able Plays

For more info Text Spotify to 4436214200

Any Question at


830 Guilford AVE

Baltimore MD 21201 , USA


8 am – 8 pm

Send your mail at

[email protected]